Recordings of the Meetings of the Storey County Board of Commissioners


This site is not owned or operated by the government of Storey County, Nevada.


This site is owned and operated by me, Jed Margolin. I live in Storey County.


Although I knew that the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) required public bodies to record their meetings, I did not find out until March 2014 that:

1.  The NRS only requires that the recordings be kept for one year; and

2.  Storey County disposes of the recordings after one year.


These recordings are primary historical sources. I really can’t understand why the County would dispose of any of them, ever.


Fortunately, the NRS also requires that these bodies provide a copy of the recordings to citizens who ask for them.


So, I have asked for them.


They only go back to January 2013, but I will post them for as long as I keep receiving them (and I am still around to do it.)



I receive the recordings as Windows Media Video files, which tend to be very large.


To reduce the file size and the bandwidth needed to listen to them I:


1.  Extract the audio;

2.  Transcode them to a lower bit rate;

3.  Compress the dynamic range to reduce the difference in loudness between loud sounds and soft sounds.


The resulting files are in mp3 format at bit rate of 24 Kbits/second, and are in monaural. (The first year is in Windows Media Audio.)


Also, I have named the files for the year, month, day, and the number of the file for that meeting so you can always tell what meeting the recording is from.


Note the following:


1.  Other than the processing that I have described, I have not edited the material in any way.


2.  The division of the files for the meetings is sometimes odd. That is how I received them.


3.  Because these files are primary historical sources I encourage you to download them and save them. You might even want to mirror them and add analysis. If you do that make sure you note that the analysis is yours. (Don’t link to the files on my Web site, mirror them on yours. Otherwise, if my Web site goes away the files will be lost.)


Some day I might add some notations for what I feel are especially interesting parts of the meetings.



If there are errors that I can fix (like bad links), let me know (



Some browsers (or versions of browsers) might stream the files. Others will download the entire file before it plays it. If you click on a file and nothing seems to be happening look for an indication that a file is being downloaded.



Storey County posts the agendas and minutes from the meetings. With the County’s new Web site (2/2015) they are all mixed together:



And now (after some other useful links) here they are.


Jed Margolin

June 2014




Some Other Useful Links


Nicole Barde’s Blog on what is really going on in Storey County. I highly recommend it.




Sam Toll’s Web site. I highly recommend Sam’s Web site as well.



Sam describes himself as:


I am just a guy with a keyboard.


A guy who is not afraid of or beholden to the people who think they own this place.


I’m not afraid to speak my mind against what I think is wrong.


As a result, Sam is being sued by Lance Gilman.


Lance is one of our three Storey County Commissioners. He also runs the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. See


And if that isn’t enough, Lance owns the Mustang Ranch Brothel.


(Warning, their Web site contains pictures of beautiful and sensuous naked women.)



Storey County Web site:

(No naked women there.)


Storey County’s Facebook page:


Storey County Recorder Database:


Storey County Tax Records Database:


Storey County Assessor Database


Nevada Legislature:


Nevada Senate and Assembly Bills for 79th (2017) Session:


Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS):








February 20, 2018


Agenda:                      agenda_2018_0220.pdf


Agenda Packet            agenda_packet_2018_0220.pdf





February 6, 2018


Agenda:                      agenda_2018_0206.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2018_0206.pdf


Recording:      Filename                        Size             Length

                        2018_0206_1.mp3     12.2 MBytes   1:09:25

                        2018_0206_2.mp3      8.0 MBytes    0:45:31





January 16, 2018


Agenda:                      agenda_2018_0116.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agnda_packet_2018_0116.pdf


Recording:      Filename                        Size             Length

                        2018_0116_1.mp3       13.0 Mbytes   1:13:51

                        2018_0116_2.mp3       24.6 Mbytes   2:19:43 





January 2, 2018


Agenda:                      agenda_2018_0102.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2018_0102.pdf


Recording:      Filename                        Size             Length

                        2018_0102_1.mp3       21.0 Mbytes   1:59:39

                        2018_0102_2.mp3       18.4 Mbytes   1:44:44


Minutes (Draft):     minutes_draft_2018_0102.pdf





December 5, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_1205.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_1205.pdf


Recording:      Filename                        Size            Length

                        2017_1205_1.mp3     19.2 Mbytes    1:49:16

                        2017_1205_2.mp3     26.5 Mbytes    2:30:36

                        2017_1205_3.mp3       4.2 Mbytes    0:23:55


This part of Publics Comments, which comes at the end of the meeting, is especially relevant precisely because it comes at the end of an almost 5 hour meeting.

                        2017_1205_pc.mp3    562 Kbytes    0:03:11


Minutes:     minutes_2017_1205.pdf





November 7, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_1107.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_1107.pdf


Recording:      Filename                      Size            Length

                        2017_1107_1.mp3      24.0 Mbytes   2:16:43

                        2017_1107_2.mp3        5.0 Mbytes   0:27:59


Minutes:   minutes_2017_1107.pdf





October 17, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_1017.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_1017.pdf


Recording:      Filename                      Size            Length

                        2017_1017.mp3       41.7 Mbytes    3:56:59


Minutes:   minutes_2017_1017.pdf





October 3, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_1003.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_1003.pdf


Recording:      Filename                         Size            Length

                        2017_1003.mp3         22.7 Mbytes    2:09:31


Minutes:   minutes_2017_1003.pdf





September 19, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0919.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0919.pdf


Recording:      Filename                         Size            Length

                        2017_0919_1.mp3      24.0 Mbytes    2:16:14

                        2017_0919_2.mp3      13.5 Mbytes    1:16:07


Minutes:    minutes_2017_0919.pdf





September 5, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0905.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0905.pdf


Recording:      Filename                      Size                Length

                        2017_0905_1.mp3        22.2 Mbytes   2:06:08

                        2017_0905_2.mp3          5.3 Mbytes   0:30:08


Minutes:     minutes_2017_0905.pdf





August 23, 2017 - Reno City Council


This is the Effluent Project the way it was presented to the Reno City Council.


Is this the same project?


Agenda Item:


Public Works


J.5   Staff Report (For Possible Action): Presentation, discussion and potential

approval of the agreement between Tahoe Reno Industrial General

Improvement District, the City of Reno, and the City of Sparks as owners

of the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility for delivery and use

of treated effluent.


Recording:      Filename                                                             Size               Length

                        reno-city-council_effluent_2017_0823.mp3    12.7 Mbytes   1:12:37


Staff Report:   reno_effluent_staff-report_2017_0823.pdf


Agreement:     reno_effluent_agreement_2017_0823.pdf


The Reno City Council site where you can get all the agendas and recordings of the

Meetings (in video) is:





August 15, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0815.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0815.pdf


Agenda Item 12



Receive an update to the Economic Development Financing Proposal application and consider directing the County Manager to complete and submit the application to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development pursuant to Senate Bill 1 of the 2015 Nevada Legislative Special Session. The financing proposal would utilize state bonds to fund up to $35 million in construction, development and bond issuance costs for an effluent pipeline designed to transfer approximately 4,000 acre feet of treated effluent from the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility in Sparks, Nevada to the TRI General Improvement District for distribution within the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center in Storey County, Nevada. State bonds would be repaid from a portion of the incremental (new) state and local tax revenues, generated after fiscal year 2017, within a Tahoe Reno Industrial Center tax increment area created by Storey County. To the extent necessary and appropriate, Commission approval for the County Manager to complete and submit the Economic Development Financing Proposal may be conditioned upon the completion of certain application requirements set forth by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development as well as the completion of various project documents necessary to promote the economic and fiscal best interests of Storey County.



Agenda Item 13:         agenda_13_2017_0815.pdf


13.  DISCUSSION ONLY (No Action)


Discussion only, No Action). Workshop on revision the County Manager’s job description on possible alternatives including approving an {sic} ordinances, enacting policies, or using a contract.


County ordinances have the force of law. They want to give the authority to make law to a county employee who will be able to do that out of sight of the public. And as a County employee he will do whatever the County Commissioners tell him to do, so what the County Commissioners are really doing is to give themselves the authority to make law out of sight of the public.


Recording:      Filename                           Size              Length

                        2017_0815_1.mp3         12.0 Mbytes    1:07:44

                        2017_0815_2.mp3          30.8 Mbytes   2:55:03


                        Agenda Item 12 - Effluent

                        2017_0815_effluent.mp3                 16.8 Mbytes   1:35:32


                        Agenda Item 13 - County Manager

                        2017_0815_county-manager.mp3   5.8 Mbytes   0:33:15


Minutes:     minutes_2017_0815.pdf





August 1, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0801.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0801.pdf


Recording:      Filename                         Size             Length

                        2017_0801_1.mp3        15.5 Mbytes   1:27:53

                        2017_0801_2.mp3        10.9 Mbytes   1:58:53


Congressman Mark Amodei (R-NV 2nd District) addressed the meeting in Part 1 starting at 0:38:40.


One of the issues he addressed was the plan by the Feds to allow our wild horses to be slaughtered and turned into dog food. Then there was the health care insurance debacle in Congress. (Part 1 starting at 0:55:28). Congressman Amodei voted for it.


If 16 million to 32 million Americans lose their health care insurance many will have to choose between getting health care (for themselves and their loved ones) or going bankrupt. Many will have no choice. They will not get health care (including meds).


As a result of this some number will die. Some will die in the first year. Many more will die in the first five years.


Even if you have good health care insurance (or are rich) you might die, too.


If 16 million to 32 million Americans lose their health care insurance and access to health care many hospitals will close.


Some towns have only one hospital. If you live in such a place and your hospital closes the next hospital (that is still open) might be 200 miles away. Even if it is only 100 miles away you (or your loved one) might die on the way to that hospital because of the extra time it takes to get there.


You cannot vote for (or against) Amodei if you are dead.



Here is an item that has attracted attention from a number of Storey County taxpayers.



Discussion and comments from the Commissioners, staff and the public regarding the possibility of participating in an Economic Development Financing Proposal pursuant to Senate Bill 1 of the 2015 Nevada Legislative Session (SB 1). Also participating will be Jeremy Aguero with Applied Analysis and Cory Hunt with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Project parameters include constructing an effluent water pipeline from the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility to the Tahoe Reno Industrial. Center (TRI). The estimated cost of the pipeline ($35 million) will be paid for from the proceeds of bonds issued by the State of Nevada pursuant to SB 1. The bonds would be repaid from incremental tax revenues generated within TRI. A tax increment area may be created pursuant to NRS Chapter 278C which would incorporate all of TRI within which a portion of increased tax revenues would be dedicated to repayment of the bonds.


Here is information about the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility:


Here is Nevada Senate Bill SB 1 (from the 2015 legislative session: nv-2015_sb1_EN.pdf


Can anyone make heads or tails of SB1?



There are potential problems with using treated effluent for cooling towers. See:


Does the County have standards for the materials used in systems using treated effluent? Does the County have standards for the pipes used to bring in the treated effluent? Does the County have standards for the treated effluent? The article mentions the potential problems of pathogens and the level of ammonia.


A method to provide cooling that does not have these potential problems is to use solar photovoltaic cells to run standard electric air conditioning.


Elon Musk is heavily into solar photovoltaic:


Does he know that his name is being used to promote the use of treated effluent instead of his solar cells?



If the County Commissioners want to use SB1 (2015) do something that would really be of economic benefit to the taxpayers of Storey County they should put in a road (roughly along Long Valley Road) to connect the Northern and Southern parts of the County.


The discussion starts at the beginning of Part 2.



Minutes:   minutes_2017_0801.pdf





July 18, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0718.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0718.pdf


Recording:      Filename                         Size             Length

                        2017_0718_1.mp3      11.8 Mbytes    1:07:05

                        2017_0718_2.mp3      17.7 Mbytes    1:40:49


Minutes:      minutes_2017_0718.pdf





June 30, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0630.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0630.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size            Length

                        2017_0630.mp3         8.4 Mbytes    0:47:35


Minutes:    minutes_2017_0630.pdf





June 20, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0620.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0620.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size             Length

                        2017_0620_1.mp3     15.8 Mbytes    1:29:43

                        2017_0620_2.mp3     16.8 Mbytes    1:35:28

                        2017_0620_3.mp3     4.6 Mbytes      0:26:01


Minutes:   minutes_2017_0620.pdf





June 6, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0606.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0606.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size             Length

                        2017_0606_1.mp3       8.1 Mbytes    0:46:19

                        2017_0606_2.mp3    20.0 Mbytes     1:51:11

                        2017_0606_3.mp3      5.0 Mbytes     0:28:41


Minutes:    minutes_2017_0606.pdf





May 16, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0516.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0516.pdf


Final Proposed Budged 2017-2018:  Final-Proposed-Budget_2017-2018.pdf

                        2017_0516_1.mp3      8.3 Mbytes     0:47:14

                        2017_0516_2.mp3      8.0 Mbytes     0:45:43


Minutes:     minutes_2017_0516.pdf





May 2, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0502.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0502.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size               Length

                        2017_0502.mp3       13.0 Mbytes       1:13:40


Minutes:    minutes_2017_0502.pdf





April 18, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0418.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0418.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size                Length

                        2017_0418-1.mp3           14 Kbytes     0:00:04                

                        2017_0418-2.mp3        18.7 Mbytes     1:46:12


Minutes:    minutes_2017_0418.pdf






April 12, 2017


Agenda:          agenda_2017_0412.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                           Size              Length

                        2017_0412.mp3                                1.4 Mbytes     0:07:49


                        2017-04-12_09.59.36.515.wmv     20.6 Mbytes     0:07:49


This was a very short meeting so I am also posting the wmv file that I got from the County so you can see the Courtroom where the meetings are held. You can also see the players (somewhat). You might find it interesting to compare the audio in the wmv file that I get from the County with how it ends up after I strip it and process it.


This was a special meeting with the agenda:



The Board of County Commissioners will canvass the results of the Special Recall Election held in and for Storey County, State of Nevada on April 11, 2017 and declare the results of the election.



The Board of County Commissioners, after the clerk has prepared an abstract of the votes cast, shall cause the County Clerk to certify the abstract. The Board will then consider the entry of an order in the minutes of the proceedings requiring that the County Clerk (1) make a copy of the certified abstract and (2) make a mechanized report of the abstract in compliance with the regulations of the Secretary of State, which will then be forth with transmitted to the Secretary of State.



Should the canvass results be against the recall the Board of County Commissioner will take no further action.



Should the canvass result be in favor of the recall the Board of County Commissioners will appoint an interim Sheriff.


The Recall campaign was a vicious campaign run by Kris Thompson at the direction of Lance Gilman (whom he works for) to recall Sheriff Gerald Antinoro who had been elected twice by the voters of Storey County, in 2012 and 2014. In 2014 Gilman/Thompson also ran a vicious campaign to try to get their man, Shawn Mahan, elected.


Lance Gilman is one of our three County Commissioners. He is also exclusive broker for the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC) ( which is an industrial park that constitutes a little more than half of Storey County (322 sq miles out of 624 sq miles). He basically runs it. And he is the owner of the Mustang Ranch brothel ( Prostitution is legal in Storey County in licensed brothels.


I am not going discuss the Recall Campaign in detail. Nicole Barde has covered it in her blog ( Here is an example:


Sam Toll, the publisher of the Comstock Chronicle also has a blog (


Kris Thompson posted incessantly in our community group at even though the group is for the residents of the Highlands and Thompson does not live in the Highlands. (Where he does live is an interesting question.)


What I am going to do is post some documents. After all, that is what an archive is for.


Let’s start the Recall Campaign at the Nevada Secretary of State.


This is the Recall Registration: nvsos_recall_registration.pdf .


This is the first Recall Contributions and Expenses Report that Thompson was required to file:

nvsos_thompson_expenses_2017_0328.pdf .


This is the second Recall Contributions and Expenses Report that Thompson was required to file:

nvsos_thompson_expenses_2017_0407.pdf .


This is the third Recall Contributions and Expenses Report that Thompson was required to file:

nvsos_thompson_expenses_2017_0511.pdf .


Things to note:


1.  In the first Recall Contributions and Expenses Report most of the $142,054.65 in contributions came from the TRIC. Gilman gave some money personally, as did Thompson. A member of the public gave $20.


2.  Thompson gives his address as 56 Wild Horse Canyon Dr,


As far as I can tell there is no 56 Wild Horse Canyon Dr.


a.  This is from the Storey County Assessor’s database: assessor-data-inquiry-wild-horse.pdf .


b.  This is from where I looked at every parcel on Wild Horse Canyon Dr: wild-horse-canyon_2017_0210.pdf


c. The U.S. Postal Service has no record of 56 Wild Horse Canyon Dr: usps_56whcd_2017_0210.pdf .


Why would he give a phony address as his residence?


Well, Thompson was an attorney in California and was disbarred. See thompson_ca_disbarred.pdf

( Maybe there was some fallout from that.


There are only two parcels on Wild Horse Canyon Dr that are zoned residential and neither is owned by Thompson, Gilman, or TRIC.


005-021-10 BERTERO MICHAEL J&LAURIE J TTEE 225 WILD HORSE CANYON DR 12.2 280 - Single Family Residential with Minor Improvements 1.170


005-021-12 SKYBURST ENTERPRISES INC 399 WILD HORSE CANYON DR 12.2 280 - Single Family Residential with Minor Improvements 1.163


And neither one is 56 Wild Horse Canyon Dr.


How would you serve him (if you were to sue him) if you don’t know where he lives? Oh, I know. You can serve him at a Planning Commission meeting.


Thompson is on the Storey County Planning Commission. It doesn’t look good for a member of the Planning Commission to be ignoring the County’s zoning laws does it?


Back to the Recall.


The results of the Recall were:


For Recall: 601


Against Recall: 883


They lost.


The way the County voted by district is interesting. From Nicole Barde’s blog:




FOR Recall 






Mark Twain













Here is a report from the Storey County Clerk: 2017_0412_recallstats.pdf .


Here I have augmented the chart by adding the percentage by which the Recall was rejected:




FOR Recall 


Against %






Mark Twain
















The district with the highest percentage of No votes was the River District.


That is Gilman’s district.  Oops.



Miscellaneous stuff.


1.  Here is the Nevada Secretary of State Recall Guide for 2016: 2016_RecallGuide.pdf .


2. There was a question of whether the Recall Petition signatures were counted and verified properly.

Here is a copy of the Petition with all of the signatures: Recall-Antinoro-Petition-Filed-02082017.pdf


3.  If the Recall had been successful the Commissioners would have selected a new Sheriff.


Minutes:   minutes_2017_0412.pdf

(And, in Public Comment at the end of the meeting: Karen Woodmansee requested that the Commissioners speak louder and into the microphone.)





April 4, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0404.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0404.pdf


Tentative Budget 2017-2018:   tentative-budget.pdf


Recording:      Filename                    Size                 Length

                        2017_0404_1.mp3      12.7 Mbytes   1:12:18


                        2017_0404_2.mp3     14.9 Mbytes    1:24:35


Minutes:      minutes_2017_0404.pdf





March 21, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0321.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0321.pdf


Supporting documents related to item #9, Stormo request for refund,

on the March 21. 2017 BOCC Agenda. Updated 3/15/2017 @ 3:30pm




Recording:      Filename                    Size                 Length

                        2017_0321_1.mp3     20.6 Mbytes    1:57:13


                        2017_0321_2.mp3     1.9 Mbytes      0:10:50


Minutes:      minutes_2017_0321.pdf





March 7, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0307.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0307.pdf


Recording:      Filename                    Size                 Length

                        2017_0307.mp3      9.4 Mbytes         0:53:42


Minutes:      minutes_2017_0307.pdf





February 21, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0221.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0221.pdf


Recording:      Filename                    Size                 Length

                        2017_0221_1.mp3    16.2 Mbytes     1:31:59


                        2017_0221_2.mp3    5.6 Mbytes      0:32:07


Minutes:        minutes_2017_0221.pdf





February 7, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0207.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0207.pdf


Recording:      Filename                    Size                 Length

                        2017_0207_1.mp3    14.2 Mbytes     1:20:36


                        2017_0207_2.mp3     5.2 Mbytes      0:29:18  


AT&T Cell Tower for Tesla: Agenda Item 17



The applicant requests a special use permit to allow for the construction of an approximately 120-foot high commercial wireless communications tower. The project includes panel antennas, remote heads/units, and other similar antennas attached to the lower. The project will be located on an approximately 24’x24’ leased area on the southeast side of the existing factory buildings of the Tesla Gigafactory, located at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, McCarran, Storey County, Nevada (APNs 005-011-22, approximately Section 6 at TI9N, R23E MDBM).


AT&T Packet:     att-packet_2017_0207.pdf


Meanwhile, cell phone coverage in the Highlands ranges from poor to non-existent, mostly non-existent.


AT&T cannot even reliably keep our landlines working. I had to subscribe to Skype to call AT&T Customer non-Service. It took them almost a week to fix my landline.


Minutes:      minutes_2017_0207.pdf





January 17, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0117.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0117.pdf


Storey County Audit for 2016:    audit_2016.pdf


Recording:      Filename                    Size                 Length

                        2017_0117.mp3        18.1 Mbytes       1:42:56


Minutes:      minutes_2017_0117.pdf





January 7, 2017


Emergency Meeting due to the Weather


Minutes (Draft):      minutes_draft_2017_0107.pdf


Recording:      Filename                  Size                 Length

                        2017_0107.mp3       5.2 Mbytes      0:29:50





January 3, 2017


Agenda:                      agenda_2017_0103.pdf     (Meeting starts at 1:00pm)


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2017_0103.pdf


Recording:      Filename                    Size                 Length

                        2017_0103.mp3         17.7 Mbytes      1:40:43


Minutes:      minutes_2017_0103.pdf






December 6, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_1206.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_1206.pdf


Recording:      Filename                    Size                 Length


                        2016_1206_1.mp3     18.1 Mbytes    1:42:57


                        2016_1206_2.mp3     17.9 Mbytes    1:41:36


Minutes (Draft):      minutes_draft_2016_1206.pdf





November 10, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_1110.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_1110.pdf


Recording:      Filename                  Size               Length

                        2016_1110.mp3      5.3 Mbytes      0:30:13


Minutes:         minutes_2016_1110.pdf





November 1, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_1101.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_1101.pdf


Recording:      Filename                  Size                  Length

                        2016_1101.mp3     10.7 Mbytes       1:01:01


Minutes:         minutes_2016_1101.pdf





October 18, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_1018.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_1018.pdf


Recording:      Filename                  Size                  Length

                        2016_1018.mp3        14.7 Mbytes    1:23:51


Minutes:      minutes_2016_1018.pdf





October 4, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_1004.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_1004.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size                Length


                        2016_1004_1.mp3         16.1 Mbytes    1:31:31


                        2016_1004_2.mp3          8.2 Mbytes     0:46:24


                        2016_1004_3.mp3          975 Kbytes     0:05:32


Stuff that caught my attention:


In Part 1 at 17:48 - Austin Osborne (Storey County Planning Director) talked about two articles he had seen in the Comstock Chronicle and had an issue with.


The first article was about the “confidential document” that wasn’t confidential and what was being done to investigate the leak, if there was one. The Comstock Chronicle said the County had not responded to their request for information. Austin explained exactly what had been given to the Comstock Chronicle and said that the information was responsive and given in a timely manner. (The issue of the “confidential document” was discussed at the September 20 meeting.)


The second article started with a picture of a fish and, since Austin is an avid fisherman, it caught his attention. Unfortunately, the article was comparing Storey County to a fish and noted that, “A fish rots from the head down.”


The Comstock Chronicle has given me permission to post these articles as well as the their response to Austin.


For the articles click here.


For the Chronicle’s response click here.


Here is a bonus: Editor Receives Public Spanking at Commission Meeting. Bottom of the page: Click here.


Note that the Comstock Chronicle is the newspaper that the County uses for publishing legal notices and if you have to publish a legal notice in Storey County it has to be in the Comstock Chronicle.


I don’t know what the Comstock Chronicle charges but when I had to publish a legal notice (in other newspapers) it was outrageously expensive.


If the County pulls its legal notices from the Comstock Chronicle and gives it to the Virginia City News then it will confirm what the Chron is saying.


The requirement that legal notices be published in a printed newspaper is a law. See NRS 238:


I think it is time for the law to be brought into the 21st Century and allow legal notices to be posted (for free or almost free) on a County’s Web site. That way legal notices will be much more accessible. Getting your news from a newspaper is as antiquated as getting it from a newsreel. If you don’t know what a newsreel was go here:


Although the Comstock Chronicle does not have a Web site yet, it does have a Facebook page:



In Part 2 starting at the beginning.


Item 11. Discussion/Possible Action:

Consideration and possible action on application for a business license for a medical marijuana dispensary for MM R&D LLC on C Street in Virginal City, Nevada.


The Commissioners said no (again). MM R&D is already suing the County for saying no.

For the past several years the County has rolled over for everyone suing the County (Tom Taormina, Shawn Mahan, etc) but for this one they are going to the mattresses.


If you are interested in the issue you should read Nicole Barde’s fine blog:



Minutes:    minutes_2016_1004.pdf





September 20, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0920.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0920.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size                Length


                        2016_0920_1.mp3     20.9 Mbytes     1:58:55


                        2016_0920_2.mp3     2.4 Mbytes       0:13:25


There is an interesting exchange between Nicole Barde and DA Langer at 0:09:40

in part 2 about a confidential document that somehow came into the possession of an anonymous vicious person who set up a Web site attacking Sheriff Antinoro.


DA Langer refused to discuss it because “it is a confidential document”.


Minutes:     minutes_2016_0920.pdf





September 6, 2016


Agenda:               agenda_2016_0906.pdf


Agenda Packet:   agenda_packet_2016_0906.pdf



Of special interest to the Virginia City Highlands:




Appeal of Special Event denial pursuant to Storey County Code 8.28.060 for bicycle event in Virginia City on September 17-19 requested by Adventure CORPS.





Consideration and possible approval of Resolution No. 16-445 setting forth reason authorizing cape sealing of Cartwright Road within Virginia City Highlands for $114,700.00 as part of county-wide cape sealing program. 




Recording:      Filename                       Size                Length


                        2016_0906.mp3       16.2 Mbytes     1:32:20


10.  County Manager Pat Whitten withdrew his objections to the bicycle event. (0:36:14)


17.  The County Commissioners approved the cape sealing of Cartwright Road (1:13:13).


Minutes:    minutes_2016_0906.pdf





August 26, 2016 - Legislative Commission’s Subcommittee to Study Water

(Nevada Revised Statutes 218E.200)


Agenda:  agenda_2016_0826.pdf


Work Session Document:  WSDWaterStudy-08-26-16-CC-LV wExhibits 2.pdf


This could be really bad news for those of us who get their water from their own wells.


If you have never had your own private well you might think that having one would be the greatest thing ever. It isn’t, not here in the Western United States.


The only reasons for having your own well are:

1.  You don’t have a choice; and/or

2.  You want to prepare for the Apocalypse. (Have your own electricity, too.)


The Legislature has posted the video of this meeting at:


You can download the file or stream it. The file is 2.6 Gbytes.

(The meeting was almost 7 hours.)


If your data plan does not have a monthly cap then download the video. The video and audio are excellent.


If you do have a data cap, like 12 Gbytes, then the video will use up 21% of your monthly data allowance.




So, I have downloaded the video, stripped the audio, and made mp3 files. And posted them here.



I have divided it into three sections:



Filename                                                      Size                 Length

nvleg_water_2016_0826_pre-meeting.mp3       670 Kbytes      0:03:47

nvleg_water_2016_0826_1.mp3                         35.0 Mbytes    3:18:49 

nvleg_water_2016_0826_2.mp3                         30.7 Mbytes    2:54:35






August 16, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0816.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0816.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size                Length


                        2016_0816_1.mp3       24.5 Mbytes     2:19:37


                        2016_0816_2.mp3        18.7 Mbytes    1:46:17


Minutes:     minutes_2016_0816.pdf





August 2, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0802.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0802.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size             Length


                        2016_0802_1.mp3       10.5 Mbytes    0:59:50

                        2016_0802_2.mp3          18 Kbytes     0:00:04

                        2016_0802_3.mp3          27 Kbytes     0:00:04

                        2016_0802_4.mp3       19.6 Mbytes    1:51:38


Slides for the presentation USGS Groundwater monitoring in Mark Twain and VC Highlands, Storey County, Nevada By Kip K. Allander & David W. Smith


I am posting this in two formats: the original PowerPoint and the PDF that I made from it.


      DWSMITH_StoreyCo2016_public_Meeting.pptx   20.3 Mbytes


      DWSMITH_StoreyCo2016_public_Meeting.pdf     7.5 Mbytes


The presentation by USGS is in Part 1 (2016_0802_1.mp3) starting at 0:01:10 and going to the end of the file.


The technical quality of the recording is pure crap. The USGS guys were standing at the podium which means that the podium microphone was turned off.




I spent a considerable amount of time manually adjusting the levels in segments. I also used a considerable amount of dynamic range compression. However, I cannot remove reverberation.


This is the raw unprocessed audio from the WMV recording I received:



(I would post the original WMV file but it is 154 Mbytes.)


Storey County screwed up one of the few things that people who cannot go to the meetings might want to listen to.


Minutes:     minutes_2016_0802.pdf





July 27, 2016 - Special Meeting   Wednesday  9am


Agenda:          agenda_2016_0727.pdf


6.   DISCUSSION/POSSIBLE ACTION: Approval of ballot language for Storey County Ballot Question 16-001, "Shall the Storey County Board of Commissioners enact an ordinance to impose, for the period beginning on January 1, 2017 and ending on December 31, 2026., annual increases to the taxes on certain vehicle fuels based on construction inflation in an amount not to exceed 8 cents per gallon the first year and 3 cents per gallon for remaining years for the sole purpose of building, maintaining and repairing roads (and projects that will reduce traffic congestion and enhance public safety) located only in Storey County?"


[What is “construction inflation” ?]



Recording:      Filename                    Size             Length

                        2016_0727.mp3      12.3 Mbytes    1:10:01  


Minutes:         minutes_2016_0727.pdf





July 19, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0719.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0719.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size             Length

                        2016_0719.mp3        31.3 Mbytes      2:57:57


Minutes:         minutes_2016_0719.pdf





July 5, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0705.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0705.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size             Length

                        2016_0705.mp3        9.8 Mbytes      0:55:35


Minutes:         minutes_2016_0705.pdf





June 21, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0621.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0621.pdf


Recording:      Filename                      Size             Length


                        2016_0621_1.mp3     11.6 Mbytes    1:05:41


                        2016_0621_2.mp3     16.9 Mbytes    1:35:44


                        2016_0621_3.mp3     16.7 Mbytes    1:34:54


Minutes:         minutes_2016_0621.pdf





May 24, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0517.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0517.pdf


Final Hearing for Budgets for FY 2016/2017:

    General Budget

    Water and Sewer services in Virginia City, Gold Hill, and Silver City

    NRS 474 Fire Protection District


Recording:      Filename                      Size             Length


                        2016_0524_1.mp3     8.8 Mbytes    0:50:00


                        2016_0524_2.mp3     6.3 Mbytes    0:35:59


Minutes:         minutes_2016_0524.pdf





May 17, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0517.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0517.pdf


Recording:      Filename                       Size             Length


                       2016_0517.mp3         15.6 Mbytes     1:28:48


Minutes:        minutes_2016_0517.pdf





May 3, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0503.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0503.pdf


Recording:      Filename                               Size               Length


                       2016_0503_1.mp3            18.3 Mbytes       1:44:16


                        2016_0503_2.mp3              2.8 Mbytes       0:16:04 


Of Special Interest: U.S. Representative Mark Amodei: In Part 1 - 0:29:40 to 1:13:32

Horses, the Zip Code, Yucca Mountain, and I-11 (the new superhighway from Mexico to Canada)


Minutes:        minutes_2016_0503.pdf






April 20, 2016


A Town Hall Meeting in the Highlands


Recording:      Filename                                            Size                 Length

                        2016_0420_Town Hall Mtg.mp3       11.0 Mbytes    1:02:25


Commissioner McBride and Commissioner Gilman were at the meeting.


Since there are only three County Commissioners, a meeting where two

County Commissioners are present is a quorum.


Despite this, according to District Attorney Langer this was not a meeting of

the Board of Commissioners, which is why the County:

1.  Failed to post notice of the meeting;

2.  Failed to post an Agenda for the meeting;

3.  Failed to record it.


(The recording posted here was made by a private citizen.)


Whenever there is a social meeting where at least two County Commissioners are

scheduled to appear, a notice of the Possible Quorum is posted on the County’s Web site.


This was not done for this meeting.


According to Vanessa Stephens, Storey County Clerk & Treasurer (who is responsible

for posting such notices) she “was unaware that one or more of the Commissioners planned on attending the event.”


Here is Nevada NRS Chapter 241 for the Open Meeting Law:


Joe Schmo of Reno TV4 News was at the meeting.


So was Sheriff Antinoro (fortunately).


Since two of the three members of the Board of Commissioners were at the meeting

and this was not a meeting of the Board of Commissioners, then what was it?


I will give you a hint. It wasn’t a birthday party. It was more like an Old Western

Necktie Party.






April 19, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0419.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0419.pdf  (248 Mbytes)


Recording:      Filename                     Size                 Length

                        2016_0419.mp3          11.0 Mbytes    1:02:22


Minutes:         minutes_2016_0419.pdf 






April 5, 2016


Agenda:                 agenda_2016_0405.pdf


Agenda Packet:     agenda_packet_2016_0405.pdf


Recording:      Filename                     Size                 Length

                        2016_0405_1.mp3      16.1 Mbytes    1:31:45

                        2016_0405_2.mp3      17.0 Mbytes    1:36:49                       


Of Special Interest:  

           The Money in the Virginia City Highlands Park Fund:

                       2016_0405_parks.mp3                688 Kbytes   0:03:54


           The Sheriff’s Budget:

                      2016_0405_sheriff-budget.mp3  6.0 Mbytes   0:34:10


Minutes:       minutes_2016_0405.pdf






March 15, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0315.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0315.pdf


Recording:      Filename                     Size                 Length

                        2016_0315.mp3         17.5 Mbytes     1:39:40


Minutes:   minutes_2016_0315.pdf





March 1, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0301.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0302.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                Size                 Length

                        2016_0301_100123.mp3    24.3 Mbytes       2:17:56


Minutes:         minutes_2016_0301.pdf





February 16, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0216.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0216.pdf   


Recording:      Filename                                Size                 Length

                        2016_0216_095915.mp3        13.0 Mbytes    1:13:51


Minutes:         minutes_2016_0216.pdf





February 2, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0202.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0202.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                     Size                    Length

                        2016_0202_1_10-00-49.mp3      14 Kbytes           0:00:03

                        2016_0202_2_10-03-05.mp3      14.7 Mbytes       1:23:26   

                        2016_0202_3_11-39-07.mp3        3.4 Mbytes       0:19:19


Minutes:   minutes_2016_0202.pdf





January 19, 2016


Agenda:                agenda_2016_0119.pdf


Agenda Packet:    agenda_packet_2016_0119.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                     Size                    Length

                        2016_0119_1_09_48_27.mp3      26 Kbytes        0:00:12

                        2016_0119_2_09_49_19.mp3      14 Kbytes        0:00:04

                        2016_0119_3_10_00_50.mp3      26.8 Mbytes     2:32:29


Minutes:   minutes_2016_0119.pdf





January 5, 2016


Agenda:                      agenda_2016_0105.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2016_0105.pdf



Of Special Interest  


1.  Possible action on Order of Remand from District Court requiring Storey County Board of County Commissioners to state on the record the basis for their decision on October 6, 2015 to deny the applications for a business license for the Bonanza.





2.  Action for possible confirmation of Shawn Mahan Settlement Agreement for $99,000.00 and other consideration arising out of the termination of his employment with the Storey County Sheriff’s Office. Discussion of the matter may include Board involvement in settlement of cases in general.




The agreement was supposed to be in the Agenda Packet, but wasn’t. I have obtained a copy of it and scanned it to produce a PDF. Click here.


Then I used OCR to produce an html version. Click here.



3.  (Planning Commission) Prepared by Pat Whitten. Recommended Motion: 


a.  Reappoint Ron Englebrecht to represent Precinct 4 (Mark Twain);


b.  Reappoint John Herrington to represent Storey County At-Large; and


c. Appoint Kris Thompson to represent Precincts 3 and 6 (Lockwood/River District) on the Storey County Planning Commission.





Recording:      Filename                        Size                 Length

2016_0105_1_094956.mp3            20 Kbytes        0:00:06


2016_0105_2_100451.mp3            14.1 Mbytes    1:20:12


2016_0105_3_113351.mp3            1.5 Mbytes      0:08:24



Minutes:   minutes_2016_0105.pdf





December 15, 2015


Agenda:                      agenda_2015_1215.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2015_1215.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                            Size                 Length

                        2015_1215_09h50m48s.wma            13.5 Mbytes    1:06:45


                        2015_1215_09h50m48s.mp3             11.7 Mbytes   1:06:44


Public Comments at the end of the meeting: None


Minutes:   minutes_draft_2015_1215.pdf





December 1, 2015


Agenda:                      agenda_2015_2015_1201.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2015_1201.pdf



                       2015_1201_1_09h54m12s.wma        16.4 Mbytes   1:21:12

                       2015_1201_2_11h29m29s.wma        13.6 Mbytes   1:07:10


                       2015_1201_1_09h54m12s.mp3         14.3 Mbytes   1:21:10

                       2015_1201_2_11h29m29s.mp3         11.8 Mbytes   1:07:07


Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                      2015_1201_pc.wma                            3.3 Mbytes     0:22:10                          

                      2015_1201_pc.mp3                             3.9 Mbytes     0:22:10


Minutes:    minutes_2015_1201.pdf  





November 3, 2015


Agenda:                      agenda_2015_1103.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2015_1103.pdf


I have been told there was a problem with the equipment. The end of the meeting (Agenda Item 20 - Public Comments) is missing. There are parts between segments missing.


Recording:      Filename                                            Size                 Length


2015_1103_1_09h52m32s.wma        6,745 KB         0:33:24

2015_1103_2_11h17m30s.wma        4,895 KB         0:24:13

2015_1103_3_11h49m57s.wma             23 KB         0:00:06

2015_1103_4_11h50m19s.wma        2,792 KB         0:13:48

2015_1103_5_12h09m00a.wma        3,717 KB         0:18:24

2015_1103_6_12h31m12s.wma        2,395 KB         0:11:51



2015_1103_1_09h52m32s.mp3         5.873 KB         0:33:24

2015_1103_2_11h17m30s.mp3         4,260 KB         0:24:13

2015_1103_3_11h49m55s.mp3              19 KB         0:00:06

2015_1103_4_11h50m19s.mp3         2,429 KB         0:13:48

2015_1103_5_12h09m00s.mp3         3,236 KB         0:18:24

2015_1103_6_12h31m12s.mp3         2,085 KB         0:11:51


Minutes:   minutes_2015_1103.pdf





October 20, 2015


Agenda:                      agenda_2015_1020.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2015_1020.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                            Size                 Length

                        2015_1020_1_09h52m55s.wma        22.7 Mbytes   1:52:39

                        2015_1020_2_11h57m39s.wma        16.2 Mbytes   1:20:22


                        2015_1020_1_09h52m55s.mp3         19.8 Mbytes   1:52:34

                        2015_1020_2_11h57m39s.mp3         14.1 Mbytes   1:20:17


Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                        2015_1020_pc.wma                           186 Kbytes      0:00:54

                        2015_1020_pc.mp3                            160 Kbytes      0:00:54


Of Special Interest:


10.  Discussion Only: Provide an overview of the State of Nevada Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program for the upcoming 2016 grant application cycle.


For more information on the 2016 CDBG click here.


Minutes:      minutes_2015_1020.pdf





October 6, 2015


Agenda:                      agenda_2015_1006.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2015_1006.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size                 Length

                        2015_1006_1_09h51m37s.wma    22.5 Mbytes    1:51:32

                        2015_1006_2_11h53m48s.wma    22.1 Mbytes    1:49:36


                        2015_1006_1_09h51m37s.mp3    19.6 Mbytes     1:51:24

                        2015_1006_2_11h53m48s.mp3    19.2 Mbytes     1:49:28


Of Special Interest:


At the last meeting (September 1, 2015) Item 15 was: Consideration of Commissioner request for County to provide necessary funding to cape seal the approximately 2 +/- miles of Cartwright Road owned by the Home Owner’s Association(s).


The three Commissioners were in favor of it until County Manager Whitten and District Attorney Langer persuaded them to continue it to the October 6 meeting.


This item is not on the Agenda.


Why isn’t it on the Agenda?



Public Comments at the end of the meeting (Sheriff Antinoro had questions about the liquor licensing standards):


          2015_1006_pc.wma       1.3 Mbytes     0:06:31

          2015_1006_pc.mp3        1.1 Mbytes     0:06:31


Minutes:      minutes_2015_1006.pdf





September 1, 2015


Agenda:                      agenda_2015_0901.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2015_0901.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size               Length

                        2015_0901_1_09h52m26s.wma    14.3 Mbytes   1:11:03

                        2015_0901_1_09h52m26s.mp3     12.5 Mbytes   1:11:00


                        2015_0901_2_11h19m26s.wma    10.8 Mbytes   0:53:24

                        2015_0901_2_11h19m26s.mp3     9.4 Mbytes     0:53:19



Of Special Interest:


15. DISCUSSION/POSSIBLE ACTION: Consideration of Commissioner request for County to provide necessary funding to cape seal the approximately 2 +/- miles of Cartwright Road owned by the Home Owner’s Association(s).


            2015_0901_cartwright.wma         3.5 Mbytes    0:16:52

            2015_0901_cartwright.mp3           3.0 Mbytes    0:16:52


The three Commissioners were in favor of it until County Manager Whitten and District Attorney Langer persuaded them to continue it to the October 6 meeting.


There is a great moment at 13:19 into the segment:


DA Langer: I think that one area that you’re going to get into is the code ..  the steepness ... the roadway itself is not within the specifications of probably NDOT roads that they would maintain .. that one I could probably tell you right off the top of my head ...


Speaking of the steepness of roads, has Ms. Langer ever been in Virginia City? Note that the meeting was held in the Old Courthouse in Virginia City, so the answer is yes. And she is concerned about the steepness of Cartwright Road? What about the liability of the very steep roads in Virginia City?



Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                        2015_0901_pc.wma                       592 Kbytes    0:02:54

                        2015_0901_pc.mp3                        513 Kbytes    0:02:54


Minutes:     minutes_2015_0901.pdf





August 18, 2015


Agenda:                      agenda_2015_0818.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2015_0818.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size               Length

                        2015_0818_09h59m15s.wma      14.9 Mbytes   1:13:17      


                        2015_0818_09h59m15s.mp3       12.9 Mbytes   1:13:15


Public Comments at the end of the meeting: None


Minutes:   minutes_2015_0818.pdf





August 4, 2015


Agenda:                      agenda_2015_0804.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2015_0804.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size               Length

                        2015_0804_09h55m46s.wma       13.1 Mbytes   1:05:01


                        2015_0804_09h55m46s.mp3        11.4 Mbytes   1:04:58



Public Comments at the end of the meeting: None


Minutes:    minutes_2015_0804.pdf





July 21, 2015


Agenda:                      agenda_2015_0721.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2015_0721.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size              Length

                        2015_0721_09h54m59s.wma       20.0 Mbytes   1:39:05


                        2015_0721_09h54m59s.mp3       17.4 Mbytes   1:29:03


Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                        pc_2015_0721.wma                     2.1 Mbytes     0:10:29


                        pc_2015_0721.mp3                      1.8 Mbytes     0:10:29


Minutes:    minutes_2015_0721.pdf





July 16, 2015  Planning Commission


Agenda and Packet     pc_agenda_packet_2015_0716.pdf


This was a discussion about allowing commercial stores across Geiger Grade at the entrance to the Highlands.


Most people are against it.


Recording:      Filename                                        Size           Length

                        pc_2015_0716.wma               24.8 Mbytes      2:06:57


                        pc_2015_0716.mp3                22.3 Mbytes      2:06:57


Minutes:        pc_minutes_2015_0716.pdf





July 7, 2015


Agenda:          agenda_2015_0707.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2015_0707.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size                  Length

                        2015_0707_09h53m14s.wma         33.5 Mbytes     2:45:41


                        2015_0707_09h53m14s.mp3         29.1 Mbytes     2:45:30



An unexpected gem. There is a program for seniors and low income people whose wells have gone dry.

                        2015_0707_wells.wma           173 Kbytes               0:00:50


                        2015_0707_wells.mp3           150 Kbytes               0:00:50


Of Special Interest:


10. DISCUSSION ONLY (No Action): 2015 Legislative Session review by Walker & Associates, Bum Hess and Maggie Lowther.


                        2015_0707_lsr.wma               4.8 Mbytes                  0:30:34


                        2015_0707_lsr.mp3                5.4 Mbytes                  0:30:34


The Storey County lobbyists spent about 50% of their time listing bills they had helped get passed and bills they had gotten killed. One was AB417 which would have extended the time to approve SB272 (the Sunny Hills Ranchos land transfer to Washoe County) for another two years.


However, those of us who were opposed to SB272 were concerned that the provisions of AB417 could have been added to another bill (a bill that had been approved). The Storey County Lobbyists did not address that issue and the Storey County Commissioners did not ask.


The Storey County Lobbyists spent the other 50% of their time commending each other for the fine work that they and the County Commissioners had done and the County Commissioners agreed with them on both counts.



Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                     2015_0707_pc.wma      58 Kbytes      0:00:16


                     2015_0707_pc.mp3       48 Kbytes      0:00:16


Minutes:     minutes_2015_0707.pdf






June 23, 2015 - Special Meeting


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2015_0623.pdf


4. DISCUSSION/POSSIBLE ACTION: Approval of resolution 15-422 setting water rates for the communities of Virginia City, Gold Hill and Silver City and sewer rates for the communities of Virginia City and Gold Hill effective July 1, 2015.


Recording:      Filename                                        Size                Length

                        2015_0623_09h53m57s.wma        4.2 Mbytes     0:20:53


                        2015_0623_09h53m57s.mp3        3.7 Mbytes     0:20:52


Public Comments at the end of the meeting

                        2015_0623_pc.wma                      61 Kbytes       0:00:17


                        2015_0623_pc.mp3                      52 Kbytes       0:00:17


Minutes:         minutes_2015_0623.pdf





June 16, 2015


Agenda:                                  agenda_2015_0616.pdf


Agenda Packet:                       agenda_packet_2015_0616.pdf

Agenda Packet Amended:      agenda_packet_amended_2015_0606.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size                Length

                        2015_0616_1_09h56m49s.wma        8.4 Mbytes      0:41:43

                        2015_0616_2_10h38m34s.wma        886 Kbytes      0:04:22

                        2015_0616_3_10h49m35s.wma        15.8 Mbytes    1:18:03

                        2015_0616_4_12h15m54s.wma        9.7 Mbytes      0:48:16


                       2015_0616_1_09h56m49s.mp3          7.3 Mbytes      0:41:42

                       2015_0616_2_10h38m34s.mp3          770 Kbytes      0:04:22

                       2015_0616_3_10h49m35s.mp3          13.7 Mbytes    1:17:59

                       2015_0616_4_12h15m54s.mp3          8.5 Mbytes      0:48:13


Public Comments at the end of the meeting

                       2015_0616_pc.wma    848 Kbytes      0:04:11


                       2015_0616_pc.mp3     736 Kbytes      0:04:11


Minutes:        minutes_2015_0616.pdf






June 1, 2015


Agenda:                                  agenda_2015_0601.pdf


Agenda Packet:                       agenda_packet_2015_0601.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size                Length

                        2015_0601_09h56m49s.wma       14.6 Mbytes    1:12:10


                        2015_0601_09h56m49s.mp3        12.7 Mbytes   1:12:06    



Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                        2015_0601_pc.wma                           264 Kbytes   0:01:17


                        2015_0601_pc.mp3                            228 Kbytes   0:01:17


Minutes:         minutes_2015_0601.pdf      





May 18, 2015


Agenda:                                  agenda_2015_0518.pdf


Agenda Packet:                       agenda_packet_2015_0518.pdf

Agenda Packet Amended:      agenda_packet_amended_2015_0518.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size                Length

                        2015_0518_09h54m58s.wma      20.0 Mbytes     1:35:20


                        2015_0518_09h54m58s.mp3      16.8 Mbytes     1:35:20


Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                        2015_0518_pc.wma                     67 Kbytes        0:00:18


                        2015_0518_pc.mp3                      54 Kbytes        0:00:18


Minutes:         minutes_2015_0518.pdf        






May 5, 2015


Agenda:                                  agenda_2015_0505.pdf


Agenda Packet:                       agenda_packet_2015_0505.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size                Length

                        2015_0505_09h55m20s.wma       18.7 Mbytes    1:32:28


                        2015_0505_09h55m20s.mp3       16.2 Mbytes    1:32:26


Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                       2015_0505_pc.wma                       76 Kbytes       0:00:22


                       2015_0505_pc.mp3                         65 Kbytes      0:00:22


Minutes:        minutes_2015_0505.pdf





April 21, 2015


Agenda:                                  agenda_2015_0421.pdf


Agenda Packet:                       agenda_packet_2015_0421.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size                Length

                        2015_0421_1_09h58m08s.wma     16.0 Mbytes   1:19:26

                        2015_0421_2_11h28m03s.wma     18.2 Mbytes   1:30:00


                        2015_0421_1_09h58m08s.mp3     14.0 Mbytes   1:19:25

                        2015_0421_2_11h28m03s.mp3     15.8 Mbytes   1:29:55


Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                       2015_0421_pc.wma                        1.1 Mbytes      0:05:35

                       2015_0421_pc.mp3                         1.0 Mbytes     0:05:35


Minutes:        minutes_2015_0421.pdf





April 7, 2015


Agenda:                                  agenda_2015_0403.pdf


Agenda Packet:                       agenda_packet_2015_0403.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size                Length


                        2015_0407_1_09h57m26s.wma   15.1 Mbytes   1:14:55

                        2015_0407_2_11h23m08s.wma   23.9 Mbytes   1:58:29  


                        2015_0407_1_09h57m26s.mp3    13.2 Mbytes   1:14:52

                        2015_0407_2_11h23m08s.mp3    20.8 Mbytes   1:58:12


There were no comments by the public at the end of the meeting.


However, the public comments at the end of the agenda item on the budget caught my attention. They are by Nicole about how the Highlands is not getting its fair share from the County, especially when it comes to Cartwright Road.


                      2015_0407_pc.wma                     1.8 Mbytes   0:08:56


                      2015_0407_pc.mp3                      1.6 Mbytes   0:08:57


Since the issue of Cartwright Road was discussed I have something to add.


When I was on the VCHPOA Road Committee we had an agreement with the County where the County agreed to do all the maintenance on Cartwright Road, including snow removal.


After a few years later the County wanted us to pay for materials to do the crack sealing. They also denied there was ever an agreement and demanded to see it in writing. We hadn’t gotten it in writing because we trusted the County.


It turns out that when the County was keeping its promise to do the maintenance on Cartwright they did a very poor job.


In August, 2013 two engineers from NDOT came out to review our roads. (Patrick Flanagan arranged it.) We all went out on the road trip together.


The two NDOT engineers said we were doing a good job on our gravel roads, especially considering what we were able to spend. They were also complimentary on the condition of our equipment and the equipment yard.


Later, one of the NDOT engineers came back on her own and did a detailed review of

Cartwright. It was her idea. Her report is an eye-opener. Cartwright is in sad shape.

The report also contains good references to the care and feeding of gravel roads.


With Cartwright Road becoming an issue again I am making the NDOT Report part of this record. For the report click here.



The discussion of the Budget is interesting. At a time when the Building Department has hired another Planner the Sheriff’s Department is getting screwed again. (It’s in Segment 1.)



Also, the sound system used to record the meeting has gotten worse. It sounds like the only active microphone is the one at the podium. The three microphones for the Commissioners are broken, turned, off, or turned down. Thus, the poor sound quality is not my fault. I will ask the County to fix it.


Minutes:  minutes_2015_0407.pdf





March 17, 2015


Agenda:                                  agenda_2015_0317.pdf


Agenda Packet:                      agenda_packet_2015_0317.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size                Length

                        2015_0317_09h58m21s.wma       21.7 Mbytes   1:47:04


                        2015_0317_09h58m21s.mp3        18.8 Mbytes   1:46:57


Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                        2015_0317_pc.wma                       751 Kbytes   0:03:42


                        2015_0317_pc.mp3                        653 Kbytes   0:03:42


Minutes:         minutes_2015_0317.pdf



Agenda Item 9 takes up only 24 minutes this time (0:06:40 - 0:30:33):


9. DISCUSSION (No Action): Presentation and discussion by Nevada Department of Transportation Officials and Comstock Mining, LLC regarding physical conditions, structural integrity, and other conditions of State Route 342 adjacent to the Lucerne Pit in southern Gold Hill, Storey County, Nevada.


It is worth listening to.





March 3, 2015


Agenda:                                  agenda_2015_0303.pdf


Agenda Packet:                       agenda_packet_2015_0303.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                        Size                Length

                        2015_0303_1_09h54m41s.wma    386 Kbytes     0:00:36

                        2015_0303_2_09h58m15s.wma    14.7 Mbytes   1:12:35   

                        2015_0303_3_11h10m52s.wma     8.1 Mbytes    0:40:20

                        2015_0303_4_12h06m49s.wma    24.9 Mbtes     2:03:18


                        2015_0303_1_09h54m41s.mp3     282 Kbytes     0:00:36

                        2015_0303_2_09h58m15s.mp3   14.7 Mbytes     1:12:28

                        2015_0303_3_11h10m52s.mp3     7.1 Mbytes     0:40:19

                        2015_0303_4_12h06m49s.mp3    21.7 Mbytes    2:03:10


Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                        2015_0303_pc.wma                     3.2 Mbytes   0:15:37

                        2015_0303_pc.mp3                      2.7 Mbytes   0:15:36


Minutes:  minutes_2015_0303.pdf



Agenda Item 10 takes up most of Part 2 (1:12:35) and Part 3 (0:40:20).


10. DISCUSSION (No Action): Presentation and discussion by Nevada Department of Transportation Officials and Comstock Mining, LLC regarding physical conditions, structural integrity, and other conditions of State Route 342 adjacent to the Lucerne Pit in southern Gold Hill, Storey County, Nevada.


It is worth listening to.



Of particular interest to the Highlands, in Public Comments:


1. Kay Dean talks about Cartwright Road (04:04).


2.  Nicole Barde asks Comtroller Gallagher how much is in the Highlands Park Fund, and then, when will he know? (06:45).





February 17, 2015


Agenda:                                  agenda_2015_0217.pdf


Agenda Packet:                       agenda_packet_2015_0217.pdf


Agenda Supplement:              agenda_suppl_2015_0217.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size                Length

                       2015_0217_1_09h56m32s.wma    18.9 Mbytes   1:33:26

                       2015_0217_2_11h39m59s.wma    28.1 Mbytes   2:19:16

                       2015_0217_3_14h08m32s.wma    3.5 Mbytes     0:16:51


                      2015_0217_1_09h56m32s.mp3     16.4 Mbytes   1:33:18

                      2015_0217_2_11h39m59s.mp3     24.5 Mbytes   2:19:12

                      2015_0217_3_14h08m32s.mp3     3.0 Mbytes     0:16:51


Public Comments at the end of the meeting:

                     2015_0217_pc.wma                         1.5 Mbytes  0:06:55

                     2015_0217_pc.mp3                          1.2 Mbytes  0:06:56 


Minutes:      minutes_2015_0217.pdf



Agenda Item 9 takes up most of Part 1 (1:33:26).


9. DISCUSSION (No Action): Presentation and discussion by Nevada Department of Transportation Officials and Comstock Mining, LLC regarding physical conditions, structural integrity, and other conditions of State Route 342 adjacent to the Lucerne Pit in southern Gold Hill, Storey County, Nevada.


It is worth listening to.





February 3, 2015


Agenda:                      agenda_2015_0203.pdf


Agenda Packet:           agenda_packet_2015_0203.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                     2015_0203_09h57m47s.wma         16.2 Mbytes    1:32:50


                     2015_0203_09h57m47s.mp3         18.8 Mbytes     1:33:00


Public Comment at the end of the meeting:

                    2015_0203_pc.wma                       1.7 Mbytes       0:08:30


                    2015_0203_pc.mp3                       1.5 Mbytes        0:08:29


Minutes:     minutes_2015_0203.pdf





January 20, 2015


Agenda:                    agenda_2015_0120.pdf


Agenda Packet:         agenda_packet_2015_0120.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                    2015_0120_1_09h57m44s.wma       15.8 Mbytes    1:18:00

                    2015_0120_2_11h29m15s.wma       16.4 Mbytes    1:20:59


                    2015_0120_1_09h57m44s.mp3        14.2 Mbytes    1:20:52

                    2015_0120_2_11h29m15s.mp3        13.7 Mbytes    1:17:58


Public Comment at the end of the meeting:

                    2015_0120_pc.wma     3.3 Mbytes    0:16:24

                    2015_0120_pc.mp3      2.9 Mbytes    0:16:23                                  


Minutes:     minutes_2015_0120.pdf





January 5, 2015


Agenda:                    agenda_2015_0105.pdf


Agenda Packet:         agenda_packet_1_ 2015_0105.pdf



Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                     2015_0105_1_13h56m44s.wma        18.5 Mbytes    1:31:45

                     2015_0105_2_15h44m21s.wma        26.9 Mbytes    2:13:11


                     2015_0105_1_13h56m44s.mp3         16.1 Mbytes   1:31:45

                     2015_0105_2_15h44m21s.mp3         23.4 Mbytes   2:13:11


As an experiment I am also separately posting the Public Comment at the end of the meeting.

                    2015_0105_pc.wma      2.8 Mbytes     0:13:47 

                    2015_0105_pc.mp3      2.4 Mbytes     0:13:47

                           0:15    Donna Fong

                           5:15    Nicole Barde


Minutes:  minutes_2015_0105.pdf





December 2, 2014


Agenda:                    agenda_2014_1202.pdf


Agenda Packet:         agenda_packet_1_2014_1202.pdf



Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                     2014_1202_1_09h59m36s.wma       16.7 Mbytes    1:22:45

                     2014_1202_2_11h37m11s.wma       20.9 Mbytes    1:43:36


                     2014_1202_1_09h59m36s.mp3       14.5 Mbytes    1:22:41

                     2014_1202_2_11h37m11s.mp3       18.2 Mbytes    1:43:28


Minutes:       minutes_2014_1202.pdf






November 12, 2014


Agenda:            agenda_2014_1112.pdf


Agenda Packet:         agenda_packet_2014_1112.pdf


Agenda Packet Additional:  agenda_packet_additional_2014_1112.pdf

(Contains proposed Ordinance 14-260 An ordinance creating the Storey County Economic Diversification District No. 1.


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2014_1112_12h07m45s.wma       28.5 Mbytes     2:15:55


                      2014_1112_12h07m45s.mp3       23.9 Mbytes     2:15:55


Minutes:        minutes_2014_1112.pdf






November 5, 2014




Public forums were held on September 24, 2014 in Virginia City, October 1, 2014 in Lockwood, and October 15, 2014 in the Highlands. All were sponsored by the Republican and Democratic Parties.


These are the recordings I have gotten. I did not record the meetings so I can only post what I have been given.


This part is a debate between Nicole Barde and Jack McGuffy who are running for County Commissioner in the upcoming election.


           Filename                                                                      Size       Length

           forum_commissioner_lockwood_2014_1001.mp3     5.4 Mbytes  0:30:58

           forum_commissioner_lockwood_2014_1001.wma     6.3 Mbytes  0:30:58


           forum_commissioner_highlands_2014_1015.mp3     5.5 Mbytes   0:31:03

           forum_commissioner_highlands_2014_1015.wma     6.4 Mbytes  0:31:03


Nicole Barde’s Web site is:

Jack McGuffey’s Web site is:


Results of November 4, 2014 General Election:

County Commissioner – District 2 (4 Year Term)

Barde, Nicole (D)          826

McGuffey, Jack (R)       1033



I got the following recordings from Sheriff Antinoro’s Web site at


           Filename                                                                       Size        Length

           forum_sheriff_vchs_2014_0924.mp3                         6.1 Mbytes    0:34:42

           forum_sheriff_vchs_2014_0924.wma                        7.0 Mbytes    0:34:42


           forum_sheriff_lockwood_2014_1001.mp3                 5.2 Mbytes    0:29:22

           forum_sheriff_lockwood_2014_1001.wma                5.9 Mbytes    0:29:22


           forum_sheriff_marktwain_2014_1006.mp3                5.2 Mbytes   0:29:50

           forum_sheriff_marktwain_2014_1006.wma               6.0 Mbytes   0:29:50


           forum_sheriff_highlands_2014_1015.mp3                 5.6 Mbytes  0:31:34

           forum_sheriff_highlands_2014_1015.wma                6.6 Mbytes  0:31:34


Sheriff Antinoro’s Web site is:

Shawn Mahan’s Web site is:


Results of November 4, 2014 General Election:

Antinoro, Gerald            999

Mahan, Shawn P.           887






October 21, 2014


Agenda:                   agenda_2014_1021.pdf


Agenda Packet:       agenda_packet_2014_1021.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                     2014_1021_1_09h58m34s.wma     26.8 Mbytes    2:12:41  

                     2014_1021_2_12h25m29s.wma      8.3 Mbytes     0:41:01


                     2014_1021_1_09h58m34s.mp3     23.3 Mbytes    2:12:41  

                     2014_1021_2_12h25m29s.mp3      7.2 Mbytes     0:41:01


Minutes:       minutes_2014_1021.pdf


Update (5/30/2016)


At the meeting Commissioner Gilman used his position as Commissioner to use Agenda Item 14 (BOARD COMMENT (No Action – No Public Comment) to make allegations against Sheriff Antinoro.


It is long, so you should listen to it for yourself.


              2014_1021_2_Gilman.mp3    1.5 Mbytes   0:08:38


Sheriff Antinoro was not permitted to respond until Public Comments at the end of the meeting.


              2014_1021_2_Antinoro.mp3   450 Kbytes   0:02:33


This led to a complaint with the Nevada Commission on Ethics ( against Commissioner Gilman.


The decision is dated April 22, 2016 in Request for Opinion No. 14-73C:


In the Matter of the Third-Party Request for Opinion Concerning the Conduct of Leonard Lance Gilman, Member, Board of County  Commissioners, Storey County, State of Nevada, Public Officer. /


The decision is titled: STIPULATED AGREEMENT


Among other things the Commission on Ethics said:


f.   Nevertheless, statements made in a private capacity should be separated from statements made in a public capacity to avoid an appearance of impropriety or possible conflict, and the rural and casual nature of the Board’s meetings may have led to an unintentional lapse in protocol associated with a public official providing public comment on a private matter. However, based on the foregoing and the absence of any evidence of Board or public action responding to Gilman’s public statement or any financial or pecuniary gain to him resulting therefrom, the allegations implicating NRS 281A.020(1) and NRS 281A.400(2) lack sufficient evidence to support a violation by a preponderance of the evidence and therefore are dismissed through this Stipulated Agreement.


g.  Although the Commission finds no violation of the Ethics Law in this matter, the Commission takes this opportunity for outreach and education to advise Gilman and other similarly situated public officers regarding the implications of the Ethics Law in the context of public statements made at public meetings. Public officers should not make statements during the “Board Comment” or similar agenda item reserved for official business to secure or grant unwarranted privileges, preferences, exemptions or advantages for themselves, their business interests, or persons to whom they have a commitment in a private capacity. Such conduct violates NRS 281A.400(2). The clear intent of this statute is to prohibit a public officer from acting in a manner which creates unwarranted privileges, preferences or advantages for a personal interest. (In re Public Officer, Comm’n Opinion No. 12-15A (2012)). Comments by public officials about personal matters or private business during agenda items devoted to board business or Board Comment directly implicate NRS 281A.400(2) because such comments may be afforded greater significance or weight when they are delivered by a public official, especially when referencing his public position or acting in an official capacity. Public officials should be vigilant to avoid an appearance of impropriety and should utilize the Public Comment portion of a public meeting to make statements concerning personal or private matters. Further, public officials should make public comment of a private matter from the location at the meeting that is designated for members of the public, not from the public official’s seat of authority. Moreover, to avoid any appearance of impropriety, a public official should refrain from using his authority as a public official to seek or facilitate any action by the Board to benefit his private interests and comply with applicable requirements of the Ethics Law. Finally, the Commission’s First-Party Opinion process is available to public officials to provide guidance on such matters.


Read the entire decision: nv_ethics_StipulatedAgreement_14-73c.pdf






October 9, 2014 – Special Meeting


Agenda:           agenda_2014_1009.pdf


Amended Agenda:     agenda_amended_2014_1009.pdf


Agenda Packet:         agenda_packet_2014_1009.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                     2014_1009_13h59m50s.wma          6.5 Mbytes    0:32:13


                     2014_1009_13h59m50s.mp3          5.7 Mbytes    0:32:13


Minutes:       minutes_draft_2014_1009.pdf





October 7, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_1007.pdf


Agenda Packet:         agenda_packet_2014_1017.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2014_1007_1_09h58m06s.wma      23 Kbytes      0:00:06

                      2014_1007_2_09h58m40s.wma      45 Kbytes      0:00:12

                      2014_1007_3_09h59m42s.wma      24.4 Mbytes  2:01:04


                      2014_1007_1_09h58m06s.mp3      18 Kbytes      0:00:06

                      2014_1007_2_09h58m40s.mp3      37 Kbytes      0:00:12

                      2014_1007_3_09h59m42s.mp3      21.3 Mbytes  2:01:04


Minutes:        minutes_2014_1007.pdf





September 16, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0916.pdf


Agenda Packet:         agenda_packet_2014_0916.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2014_0916_1_09h58m35s.wma       13.1 Mbytes   1:04:51

                      2014_0916_2_11h16m58s.wma       20.1 Mbytes   1:43:56

                      2014_0916_3_13h13m58s.wma       7.7 Mbytes     0:37:53


                      2014_0916_1_09h58m35s.mp3        11.4 Mbytes   1:04:51

                      2014_0916_2_11h16m58s.mp3        18.3 Mbytes   1:43:56

                      2014_0916_3_13h13m58s.mp3        6.7 Mbytes     0:37:53


Minutes:        minutes_2014_0916.pdf





September 2, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0902.pdf


Agenda Packet:   agenda_packet_1_2014_0902.pdf



Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2014_0902_1_10h01m58s.wma       9.4 Mbytes     0:46:35

                      2014_0902_2_11h06m46s.wma       19.8 Mbytes   1:38:05

                      2014_0902_3_12h53m57s.wma       8.4 Mbytes     0:41:24


                      2014_0902_1_10h01m58s.mp3        8.2 Mbytes     0:46:35

                      2014_0902_2_11h06m46s.mp3        17.2 Mbytes   1:38:05

                      2014_0902_3_12h53m57s.mp3        7.3 Mbytes     0:41:24


Minutes:       minutes_2014_0902.pdf





August 19, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0819.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1_2014_0819.pdf



Agenda - Debt Management:  agenda_dm_2014_0819.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                     2014_0819_1_09h59m55s.wma   15.9 Mbytes      1:18:45

                     2014_0819_2_11h29m59s.wma   16.9 Mbytes      1:23:10 

                     2014_0819_3_13h02m00s.wma   1.1 Mbytes        0:05:34


                     2014_0819_1_09h59m55s.mp3   13.8 Mbytes      1:18:45

                     2014_0819_2_11h29m59s.mp3   14.6 Mbytes      1:23:10 

                     2014_0819_3_13h02m00s.mp3   980 Kbytes        0:05:34


Minutes:        minutes_2014_0819_.pdf





August 5, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0805.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1_2014_0805.pdf



Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                     2014_0805_1_10h01m45s.wma   17.1 Mbytes      1:34:29

                     2014_0805_2_11h39m50s.wma   8.4 Mbytes        0:41:39


Minutes:      minutes_2014_0805.pdf





July 1, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0701.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1_2014_0701.pdf



Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2014_0701_1_10h07m07s.wma   10.7 Mbytes   0:52:50

                      2014_0701_2_11h09m58s.wma    15.5 Mbytes  1:16:53


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0701.pdf





June 17, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0617.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1_2014_0617.pdf



Recording:     Filename                                        Size                 Length

                      2014_0617_1_10h00m55s.wma       16.3 Mbytes   1:20::57

                      2014_0617_2_11h36m50s.wma       33.6 Mbytes   2:46:22


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0617.pdf





June 3, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0603.pdf


Agenda Packet: agenda_packet_2014_0603.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size                Length

                      2014_0603_1_09h57m27s.wma       15.0 Mbytes   1:13:50







May 19, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0519.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1_2014_0519.pdf




Recording:     Filename                                           Size              Length

                      2014_0519_1_09h02m23s.wma       201 Kbytes     0:00:58

                      2014_0519_2_09h59m42s.wma       22.4 Mbytes   1:50:59

                      2014_0519_3_12h01m34s.wma       6.9 Mbytes     0:33:54


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0519.pdf





May 6, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0506.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1_2014_0506.pdf




Recording:     Filename                                                Size               Length

                      2014_0506_1_09h59m10s.wma       14.0 Mbytes   1:09:38

                      2014_0506_2_11h21m00s.wma       10.1 Mbytes   0:50:08


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0506.pdf





April 15, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0415.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1_2014_0415.pdf



Recording:     Filename                                                Size               Length

                      2014_0415_1_09h59m13s.wma       20.5 Mbytes   1:41:40

                      2014_0415_2_11h58m30s.wma       19.6 Mbytes   1:37:02

                      2014_0415_3_13h47m08s.wma       14.8 Mbytes   1:13:09


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0415.pdf





April 1, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0401.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1_2014_0401.pdf




Recording:     Filename                                                Size               Length

                      2014_0401_1_08h59m30s.wma       10.4 Mbytes   0:51:40

                      2014_0401_2_10h05m45s.wma       19.0 Mbytes   1:34:15

                      2014_0401_3_11h48m50s.wma       1.1 Mbytes     0:05:30


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0401.pdf





March 18, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0311.pdf


Agenda Packet:   agenda_packet_2014_0318.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                                Size               Length

                      2014_0318_1_10h02m09s.wma       13.7 Mbytes   1:07:43

                      2014_0318_2_11h23m43s.wma       16.2 Mbytes   1:20:08


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0318.pdf





February 18, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0218.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2014_0218.pdf




Recording:     Filename                                          Size               Length

                      2014_0218_1_10h05m56s.wma   28.6 Mbytes   2:21:41


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0218.pdf





February 4, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0204.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2014_0204.pdf

                            Broker of Record for Health and Benefits

                                Insurance packet 020414.pdf



Recording:     Filename                                           Size               Length

                      2014_0204_1_10h04m53s.wma    15.9 Mbytes   1:18:31

                      2014_0204_2_11h37m14s.wma    28.6 Mbytes   2:21:30


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0204.pdf





January 21, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0121.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2014_0121.pdf

                         PBA Report as of 123113.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                           Size                Length

                      2014_0121_1_09h38m53s.wma    14 Kbytes         0:00:03

                      2014_0121_2_10h00m07s.wma    21.3 Mbytes    1:45:41

                      2014_0121_3_12h03m47s.wma    35.1 Mbytes    2:53:51


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0121.pdf





January 7, 2014


Agenda:         agenda_2014_0107.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2014_0107.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                           Size               Length

                      2014_0107_1_10h03m35s.wma   14.4 Mbytes    1:11:00

                      2014_0107_2_11h40m57s.wma   16.1 Mbytes    1:19:51


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0107.pdf





December 3, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_1203.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_1203.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                          Size               Length

                      2013_1203_1_10h02m02s.wma   20.7 Mbytes   1:42:40

                      2013_1203_2_11h54m38s.wma   13.0 Mbytes   1:04:39


Minutes:         minutes_2013_1203.pdf





November 19, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_1119.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1_2013_1119.pdf



Recording:     Filename                                           Size               Length

                      2013_1119_1_08h01m19s.wma    25.2 Mbytes   2:04:51

                      2013_1119_2_10h16m17s.wma     4.5 Mbytes    0:22:12


Minutes:         minutes_2013_1119.pdf





October 15, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_1015.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_1015.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                           Size               Length

                      2013_1015_1_10h01m22s.wma    16.6 Mbytes   1:22:05

                      2013_1015_2_11h36m10s.wma    10.0 Mbytes   0:49:30


Minutes:         minutes_2013_1015.pdf





October 1, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_1001.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_1001.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                            Size              Length

                      2013_1001_1_10h02m46s.wma    12.6 Mbytes   1:02:31

                      2013_1001_2_11h19m58s.wma    18.6 Mbytes   1:32:01


Minutes:         minutes_2013_1001.pdf





September 27, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0927.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0927.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                           Size              Length

                      2013_0927_1_09h00m11s.wma   3.5 Mbytes     0:17:37


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0927.pdf





September 17, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0917.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0917.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                           Size                Length

                      2013_0917_1_10h02m37s.wma    20.4 Mbytes    1:41:12

                      2013_0917_2_11h51m57s.wma   26.5 Mbytes    2:11:19


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0917.pdf





September 3, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0903.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0903.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                          Size                Length

                      2013_0903_1_10h01m20s.wma   11.8 Mbytes   0:58:23

                      2013_0903_2_11h09m30s.wma   13.5 Mbytes   1:07:01


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0903pdf





August 20, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0820.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0820.pdf


Recording:      Filename                                          Size               Length

                      2013_0820_1_14h03m41s.wma     12.0 Mbytes   0:59:33

                      2013_0820_2_15h10m49s.wma     20.2 Mbytes   1:39:55


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0820.pdf





August 6, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0806.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0806.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2013_0806_1_14h04m19s.wma   16.7 Mbytes  1:22:55

                      2013_0806_2_15h40m48s.wma   23.0 Mbytes  1:55:32


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0806.pdf





July 16, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0716.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0716.pdf


Recording:       Filename                                          Size         Length

                      2013_0716_1_14h00m53s.wma   23.0 Mbytes   1:53:40


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0716.pdf





July 2, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0702.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1_2013_0702.pdf





Recording:     Filename                                               Size            Length

                      2013_0702_1_13h54m35s.wma       11 Kbytes     0:00:02

                      2013_0702_2_14h05m20s.wma       16.8 Mbytes  1:23:10

                      2013_0702_3_15h43m01s.wma       20.5 Mbytes  1:41:25


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0702.pdf





June 18, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0618.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0618.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                               Size            Length

                      2013_0618_1_14h01m26s.wma       24 Kbytes     0:00:06

                      2013_0618_2_14h01m33s.wma       768 Kbytes   0:03:47

                      2013_0618_3_14h05m58s.wma       12.4 Mbytes  1:01:31

                      2013_0618_4_15h24m18s.wma       23.5 Mbytes  1:56:10


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0618.pdf





June 4, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0604.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1_2013_0604.pdf



Recording:      Filename                                               Size            Length

                      2013_0604_1_14h01m50s.wma       738 Kbytes     0:03:41

                      2013_0604_2_14h05m32s.wma       9.9 Mbytes     0:48:47


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0604.pdf





May 20, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0520.pdf


AgendaPacket:  agenda_packet_2013_0520.pdf




Recording:     Filename                                                Size           Length

                      2013_0520_1_14h02m26s.wma       43 Kbytes      0:00:12

                      2013_0520_2_14h02m46s.wma       112 Kbytes    0:00:32

                      2013_0520_3_14h03m19s.wma       9.0 Mbytes    0:44:52

                      2013_0520_4_14h57m01s.wma       14.2 Mbytes  1:10:19


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0520.pdf





May 7, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0507.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0507.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                          Size               Length

                      2013_0507_1_14h06m20s.wma    18.9 Mbytes   1:33:20

                      2013_0507_2_15h51m10a.wma    17.7 Mbytes   1:27:38

                      2013_0507_3_17h29m06s.wma    15.4 Mbytes   1:15:39


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0507.pdf





April 16, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0416.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0416.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                         Size               Length

                      2013_0416_1_14h05m32s.wma   14.6 Mbytes   1:12:06

                      2013_0416_2_15h30m05s.wma   8.8 Mbytes     0:43:26


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0416.pdf





April 2, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0402.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0402.pdf





Recording:     Filename                                         Size               Length

                      2013_0402_1_09h00m25s.wma        227 Kbytes    0:01:06

                      2013_0402_2_09h01m31s.wma        20.5 Mbytes  1:41:41

                      2013_0402_3_10h58m17s.wma       16.9 Mbytes   1:24:06

                      2013_0402_4_12h36m00s.wma       17.8 Mbytes   1:28:19

                      2013_0402_5_14h15m49s.wma       18.5 Mbytes   1:31:26

                      2013_0402_6_16h01m30s.wma       24.9 Mbytes   2:03:30

                      2013_0402_7_18h15m57s.wma       27.3 Mbytes   2:15:25


Minutes          minutes_2013_0402.pdf





March 19, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0319.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_1a_2013_0319.pdf



Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2013_0319_1_14h00m57s.wma   165 Kbytes     0:00:48          

                      2013_0319_2_14h01m46s.wma   17.7 Mbytes   1:27:58

                      2013_0319_3_15h42m16s.wma   15.8 Mbytes   1:18:10


Minutes:         minutes_2014_0319.pdf





February 19, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0219.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0219.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2013_0219_1_14h03m36s.wma   15.5 Mbytes   1:16:18          


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0219.pdf





February 5, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0205.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0205.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2013_0205_1_13h41m54s.wma   27 Kbytes       0:00:06

                      2013_0205_2_14h01m46s.wma   121 Kbytes     0:00:34

                      2013_0205_3_14h02m22s.wma   5.2 Mbytes     0:25:51

                      2013_0205_4_14h28m27s.wma   21 Kbytes       0:00:05

                      2013_0205_5_14h28m38s.wma   29.3 Mbytes   2:25:08


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0205.pdf





January 23, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0123.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2013_0123_1_094820.wma    4.2 Mbytes   0:19:59          

                      2013_0123_2_094820.wma    961 Kbytes   0:04:32


Most of the meeting was closed to deal with the issue of labor negotiations.


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0123.pdf





January 15, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0115.pdf


Agenda_Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0115.pdf


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2013_0115_1_14h25m54s.wma   3.6 Mbytes     0:17:56

                      2013_0115_2_14h44m41s.wma   15 Mbytes      1:18:36

                      2013_0115_3_16h11m41s.wma   1.3 Mbytes     0:06:28


Minutes:         minutes_2013_0115.pdf





January 7, 2013


Agenda:         agenda_2013_0107.pdf


Agenda Packet:  agenda_packet_2013_0107.pdf   


Recording:     Filename                                        Size               Length

                      2013_0107_1_14h00m46s.wma       25.5 Mbytes   2:06:31

                      2013_0107_2_16h17m35s.wma       11.7 Mbytes   0:57:45


Minutes:         minutes_amended_2013_0107.pdf